Our Achievements

We have achieved many prestigious projects for both our Tower Division and Pole and Pipe Division

Tower Division


  • Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal
    • Supply & Construction of 35 Nos., 33/11KV Substations in Turnkey basis
  • Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd.
    • Design, Supply & Construction of 66KV Multicircuit Line from Malbase to Paskha
  • Bhutan Engineering Co. Pvt Ltd.
    • Supply of 220KV Tower for Rurichhu to Tsirang
      Supply of 132KV Tower for Tintibi to Yurmoo.
    • Supply of 230KV Tower material so Syrian Company for Oil Transport (SCOT)


  • Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd
    • Transmission Line Turnkey Package for LILO of 220KV D/C
      Tanakpur-Bareilly T/L at Sitargunj & LILO of 400KV D/C
      Dhauli Ganga Bareilly T/L at Pitharagarh( Finalization Stage)

  • GRID Corporation of Orissa Ltd.
      Transmission Line :
    • * 220KV D.C. Line from S.T.P.P. Kaniha to Meramundali.
      * 220KV D.C. Line from Bidanasi to Choudwar .
      * 132KV D.C. Line from Cuttack to Jagatsinghpur.
      * 33KV D.C. Line from Unit-VIII to Chandaka
      * 33KV D.C. Line from Sizua to Bhimtangi

      Sub-Station :
      * 220/33KV Sub-Station at Nayagarh
      * 220/132/33KV Sub-Station at Duburi
      * 132/33KV Sub-Station at Kalarangi
      * 132/33KV Sub-station at Kamakhyanagar
      * 132/33KV Sub-Station at Jagatsinghpur.
      * 33/11KV Sub-Station at Paradeep .
      * 33/11KV Sub-Station at Bhimtangi.
  • Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd., Bhopal
    • * 400KV Sub-Station Structure at Upper Indravati Hydro Electric Project, Orissa.
      * 400/220KV Sub-Station Structure to Bakreswar Thermal Project, West Bengal.
      * 400KV Sub-Station Structure for PGCI at Kanpur
      * 220/132KV Sub-Station Structure for Maharastra State Electricity Board at Aurangabad
  • National Hydro Electric Power Corporation.
    • * 400/220/33KV Sub-Station at Rengali, Indravati & Jeypore, Orissa.
      * 220/132KV Sub-Station at Bongaigaon & Gailapugh at Bhutan.
      * 132/66KV Sub-Station at Rangit Hydro Electric Project at Rangit, Sikkim
  • Orissa Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.
    • Rengali Hydro Electric Project (4x80 MW)
      * 33KV Switchyard, Cable tray and Rack, Lighting Tower for Rengali Hydroelectric Project * Upper Kalab Hydro Electric Project. (5x60 MW)
      220/33KV Switchyard (Supply & Erection) & Lighting Towers
  • Kerala State Electricity Board
    • Construction of 220 kV M/C Line - 30 KM
  • Gujarat Energy Transmission Company Limited (GETCO)
    • * Supply & Erection of 220kV D/C Halvad-Sadla Line on Turnkey basis. (37.21 Km)
      * Supply & Erection of 220kV S/C Chorania-Gondal Line on Turnkey basis. (29.2 Km)
      * Supply & Erection of 220kV D/C Kalavad-Kangasiyali Line on Turnkey basis.
      * Supply & Erection of 220kV D/C Bhatiya-Kalavad Line on Turnkey basis.(118.37 Km)
      * Supply & Erection of 220 kV D/C BECL-Botad Line on Turnkey basis. (94.26 Km)
      * Balance Erection work of 220kV D/C GPPC-Dhokadva Line on Turnkey basis.
      * Supply & Erection of LILO of S/C of 220kV D/C Kasor-Botad Line at Dhuvaran on Turnkey basis. (2x41 Km)
      * Supply & Erection of LILO of S/C of 220kV D/C Karamsad-Vertej at Dhuvaran Line on Turnkey basis. (2x39 Km)
  • Upper Indravati Hydroelectric Project.
    • * Supply, Erection & commissioning of 220/33KV Switchyard.
      * Supply & fixing of Cable Trays, Racks in Power House, Valve Hous, Switchyard & Control Room with laying & terminating Power Cable, Control Cable of entire Project.
  • CORE, Allhabad
    • * Supply, Construction & Commissioning of 132/25KV Traction Sub-Station at Bhadrak and Jakapura for CORE, Allahabad
      Supply of traction structures.
  • NEEPCO Ltd.
    • * Supply, Construction & Commissioning 400/220/132KV Switchyard at Ranganadi Hydro Electric Project at Ranganadi
  • PTCUL, Deheradun
    • * Design, Testing, Supply of Tower & Tower Accessories & Construction of 132K.V. S/C. Transmission from Almore-Ranikhet in Uttaranchal.
  • Manipur State Power Distribution Company Limited
    • * 132/33KV Substation at Kakching, Thoubal Dist.
      * 132/33KV Substation at Renpang, Tamenglang Dist.
      * RGGVY Project work in Tamenglang Dist.
      * RGGVY Project work in Bishnupur Dist.
  • Assam State Electricity Board
    • * Supply of 220KV D/C tower for Tinsukia to Kathalguri Line
  • APTRANSCO., Hyderabad
    • * Supply of G.I Flat for World Bank Project
  • Tata Project Ltd
    • * Supply of Substation Structure for GRIDCO (OECF)Project.
    • * Supply & Construction of 220KV.D/C Tower & Bay Extension at Budhipadar Substation.
  • MCC Projects (P) Ltd., Hyderabad
    • * Supply & Construction of 132KV & 33KV Transmission
      Line with Lattice Towers from Jeypore to Tentuligumma. * Construction of 132KV Feederbays at Jayanagar 220/132/33KV Substation
  • Mishrilal Mines Pvt Ltd.
    • * Supply & Construction of 132KV S/C Tower line from Duburi to Mishrilal Mines Plant. * 2No. of 132KV Bay extention at 220/132KV Duburi Grid Substation.
  • Jindal Stainless
    • Supplying construction of 220KV D/C Line from 400/220KV Duburi substation to Jindal Plant at Kalinga Nagar
  • EMC Power Ltd., Kolkata
    • Supply of 400KV Tower structure for Power Grid, Corporation of India Ltd. (RAPP-5&6 to Kankroll TL at Rajasthan))
  • Reliance Telecom., Mumbai
    • Supply of Telecom towers for various projects

Pole Division


We have supplied our Street lighting, Pole, High Mast, Telecom, Pole & Transmission Line Pole for following major customers ..

  • Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Bhubaneswar
  • IDCO, Bhubaneswar
  • MESCO, Duburi, Orissa
  • NALCO, Angul
  • Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
  • Paradeep Phospate Ltd., Paradeep.
  • Paradeep Port Trust, Paradeep
  • South Eastern Railway., Bhubaneswar.
  • Grid Corporation of Orissa Ltd., Bhubaneswar.
  • CESCO, Bhubaneswar.
  • Uttaranchal Power Corporation Ltd., Dehradun.
  • Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd., Sambalpur.
  • National Fertilizers Ltd., Panipath.
  • Hindusthan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL)
  • Haldia Port Trust.
  • Tata Teleservices Ltd., Hyderabad.
  • Welmount Poles Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
  • K.L. Industries Ltd. Mumbai.
  • Canon Engineering Co, Delhi.
  • Varun India Ltd., Bhopal.
  • Swastik Enterprises, New Delhi.
  • Jain & Associates, Ajmer.
  • Hem Asbestos Pvt. Ltd., Raipur.
  • Chanay Oil Furnace Co., Ludhiana
  • Setu Electricals, Trichy and many others.
  • Reliance Industries Ltd.
  • Different Telecom Circles of DOT/BSNL & all over India.and many more


We have supplied Pole for Power Transmission for following utility Companies through various Indian Exporters .

News & Events :
Currently successfully type tested 132KV monopole at CPRI, Banglore for APTRANSCO


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